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QMET creates a predictive model for any facility, space or network of locations.  Utilizing historical consumption patterns, normalization to weather, occupancy load, seasons, and operational dynamics QMET provides a single source energy management solution for facility operators and energy focused professionals in search of sustainable energy efficiency.

Efficiency Baseline

QMET creates an interactive daily updating energy efficiency dashboard outlining any single building or groups of buildings energy efficiency health. National, industrial and environmental factors are presented using energy relevant Key Performance Indicators. These KPI's include but are not limited to: EUI, Utility Cost / ft2, % of Cost / Utility.

Predictive Monitoring with Active Response

QMET provides its operators with daily visibility to utility consumption. Threshold parameters allows for immediate alerts to unscheduled consumption spikes resulting in easy demand driven utility management.

Measurement & Verification

Financial and efficiency impacts are available for any available period of time within a members deployment period. Reported categories include the financial impact of specific energy conservation measures through operational adjustments (Chill water temperature changes or Lighting schedule adjustments) or building upgrades (Infrastructure additions or equipment changes). QMET will also include positive environmental impacts (carbon footprint, etc.)

Project Management Records

QMET's Project management functionality is an easy project interface that is accessible from any smart device. Manage projects of any size with gantt charts, task milestones, calendars, etc.  Quick and easy to access status information for all energy projects.