Brogdonenergy is dedicated to develop a complimentary energy efficiency program for all our members. Our energy program can be customized to align with your goals. Below is a general list of all the service we provide.

EVEREST SAAS™ Cloud Services
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EVEREST SAAS™ is the only web-based Energy Management tool on the market that truly supports all phases of energy efficiency. This Service provides facility executives, managers and operators an accurate bench-marking, monitoring, and measurement source for energy management.  Please visit the EVEREST page to learn more about its functionality.

Energy Consumption Management

Energy consumption management is a service focused on reducing the gas and electric consumption through energy conservation measures to the existing infrastructure of your building.

Our team of energy specialized engineers support your on site facility management teams by making energy efficient recommendations to optimize the operation of your facilities. Brogdonenergy’s expertise expands throughout all industries and environments with certifications in energy and technology categories. Notable certifications include but are not limited to the following: Certified Energy Managers, Certified Carbon Reduction Managers, Certified Energy Auditors. Utilizing EVEREST SAAS™ online dashboard our dedicated professionals can service all our members simultaneously in any location on any mobile platform. 

Utility Rate Management

Many organizations have accepted the increasing cost of utilities (electricity, natural gas, water/wastewater, telecom) as out of their control. Any attempt to reduce or stabilize utility costs are complicated by the highly complex tariffs that serve as the basis for the rates charged by providers. Even when rates are based on what the provider considers the best available, significantly better rates could be available. Our team of utility management experts will complete an Investigative Analysis that will allow our members to prioritize which utility requires the most attention by order of magnitude. 

Energy Engineering Services

Our engineering partners, SAIN ENGINEERING ASSICIATES, INC. are recognized as subject matter experts in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, training and strategic planning. Our clients depend on the licensed and certified energy professionals on our staff to lend their expertise and identify the most cost effective solutions to improve functional operations and reduce energy consumption, resulting in increased energy savings and returns on investment. Our core services include:

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